Custom Orders

At Care Package Bakes, our whole m.o. is making special treats that delight and surprise our customers. We take a select number of custom orders between our regular holiday offerings with at least two weeks’ notice. As a local, woman-owned small business, nothing we love more than partnering with you to make something new and personal, whether that’s a lavender lemon wedding favor cookie with hand-painted detail or a Latin themed dessert board of cakes, tarts and bars for a 40th birthday party. Tell us your sweetest dreams and inspirations and we will bring it to life!

Contact us for
  • A memorable mini dessert spread 
  • Favor cookies flavored/ decorated to your taste or party theme
  • Gift cookies or sweets selections for loved ones, clients, or anyone you want to impress
  • A shippable cheer-up/love you/miss you care package 
  • Full-size party cakes with buttercream or chocolate decorations
What we don’t do
  • Fondant cakes 
  • Cookies or cupcakes by the dozen 
  • Cheesecakes, crème brĂ»lĂ©e or custards 
  • Anything you might find in a supermarket bakery